Imagine a world in which the majority of human beings clearly know how to use their unique abilities & express their passion(s) to serve the world.

Welcome to the Ikigai Lab
People coming together

We choose to work on the topic of purpose, because it allows us to bring people together that share the same purpose/dream.

Imagine how it would feel for a group of 5 people to come together with the same strongly felt purpose…

Now think what they could accomplish together.

There is a famous quote from Nick Benson, that we believe in and that we follow with our actions:

‘You can do almost anything with 5 people’ - Nick Benson

  • ~300 participants in 2019
  • Participants age ranging between 8 - 70 year olds
  • 12 different workshop designs
  • Average usefulness: 4.0 / 5
  • Average satisfaction: 4.5 / 5
To take care of themselves, others and the world

Purpose doesn’t exist in isolation. A strong purpose can turn either way, it can serve the world and despite good intentions, it can also damage the world. (The greatest extinction risk that we are currently facing is ourselves and our actions, which are most often made with good intentions in mind!)

Optimally a strong purpose is surrounded by a balanced life education.

This is why there is a second core aim of the IKIGAI lab:

Imagine a world in which schools introduce another subject, right next to math, history and english, a subject that directly focuses on ‘Life Education’ and in which you gain those abilities that allow you to live a good life, where you learn how to take good care of yourself, others and the world!

When approaching this journey we have three premises:

  1. We believe that one essential function of schools is to prepare its students for life. (1)
  2. We believe that one important step towards nudging schools to fulfill this role is by democratizing and opening up access to the (pedagogical) tools that are needed to ensure a high-quality life education. (2)
  3. We believe that by bringing educators, psychologists, life coaches, and enthusiasts together with a shared purpose we can open up the already existing life education content and if needed co-create the content that is still needed for a high-quality life education curriculum to emerge and help as many people as possible to learn how to take good care of themselves, others and the world. (3)

Let's unpack what 'taking care of yourself, others and the world' means:

Taking good care of yourself
Taking good care of others
Taking good care of the world
And go further!

At the Ikigai Lab we know that we cannot and do not want to do this alone!

Luckily we work at the Interdisciplinary Research Center (CRI) in Paris, in an environment that embraces a religion of radical collaboration & open-source!

We want to invite you into our world, share our purpose and ask you to join us in our'quest to open up the already existing (pedagogical) tools that are needed to make this vision possible and create the ones that don’t yet exist together!

This can be very simple by sharing with us:

  1. A link to a digital content that has enriched your life and taught you how to better take care of yourself, others or the world.
  2. Your contact, if you (want to) share our purpose and are enthusiastic about one of the areas of life education

Reach out to

Or simply by starting to learn how to take better care of yourself:

Please try out one of the tools that we already documented on this website by following one of the buttons below!

Warmly, Your Ikigai Lab